Public health case studies 2013

Saturday, March 2, Contagion and Public Health epidemiology and preparedness The movie Contagion describes a pandemic caused by a lethal, contagious virus. Contagion particularly highlights the epidemiological studies that occurred in response to the pandemic and the strengths and weaknesses of Public Health officials in maintaining official quarantines, controlling mass paranoia, and creating and distributing the vaccine. The film conveys numerous Public Health epidemiological procedures.

Public health case studies 2013

Public health case studies Case study 1: Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Speech and language therapists SLTs at the Trust provide accredited training and coaching to community nurses within the health visiting team to equip them with the skills and knowledge to support children with speech, language and communication needs SLCN and their families.

Reducing the impact of language delay in year olds in Bridgend - NHS Wales Award winner Speech and language therapists worked with Flying Start nurseries in Bridgend to achieve a significant reduction in the number of children with delayed language skills.

Public health case studies 2013

This early screening and intervention means that future demands being placed on specialist SLT services will be able to be targeted towards children with more complex speech, language or communication difficulties and those which result from physical conditions, such as hearing loss, cleft palate, dyspraxia, rather than the impact of poor stimulation and environments.

The programme was introduced in response to low levels of a language development amongst children in the city and a lack of teacher confidence in supporting children with SLCN. Collectively, the schools employed two SLTs without a caseload and a third therapist with expertise in language development in bilingual children.

The therapists trained and supported staff to use a language development toolkit to cater for all children including those with SLCN and to engage parents. As a result of the programme, the number of primary school children who have performed well academically has increased, and children with SLCN are being more actively identified in school environments.

Stoke Speaks Out is an award winning multi-agency initiative developed to tackle a high incidence of language delay identified in children in Stoke-on-Trent. The pilot highlighted the positive contribution and return on investment that Stoke Speaks Out makes to improved school readiness for children at age 5 across the city, and indicates how it helps to improve educational attainment and prevent youth offending in the long-term.

Stoke Speaks Out prevents and minimises the risk of problems arising from speech, language and communication difficulties. John and Angela worked together to develop a DVD resource for people with a learning disability and staff who care for them, to reduce the risk of choking. An evaluation of the project showed the DVD and accompanying easy-read booklet, activities, posters and other materials to be very effective; plans to expand the resources to include a website and app are continuing.

Presenting the award, the judges said that this DVD should be used by all learning disability services across the UK as core training and awareness raising for both staff and service users.

I choked a few times and it scared me. I worked with speech and language therapy to make changes to help reduce my risk of choking. I want to share my story to help other people reduce their risk of choking. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust In response to a growing older population and a high number of referrals for domiciliary assessment of swallowing difficulties, the speech and language therapy service at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have piloted the use of telehealth to support the remote assessment and management of dysphagia in three nursing homes.

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Nursing staff were trained to perform the dysphagia assessment and using the telehealth undertook this under the direction of a SLT.

The technology has enabled: SLTs have been able to maximise their time and reach a greater number of patients. The service is highly responsive and operates 24 hours a day, days a year to assess patient needs and pressure areas; this prevents unnecessary hospital admissions.

Nottinghamshire Children and Families Partnership The Nottinghamshire Children and Families Partnership has carried out a range of evaluations for their public health initiatives.

Public health case studies 2013

One example is Home Talka parent-implemented intervention for two-year-old children with delayed language development involving a series of home visits by a children centre worker. Health visitors identified the children and the speech and language therapy service provided the training.

This intervention was evaluated with 16 families before the intervention, immediately after and at four-month follow up by measuring expressive vocabulary pragmatics parental stress.Case # - January, Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir The CDC conducted a survey with the Ministry of Health in Uganda to evaluate the prevalence of .

public/private partnership market. Yet less than 10% of U.S. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at Veolia Water was added to the team in order to eventually transition Veolia Water North America Case Study Page 6 of 9 each year to make any needed refinements.

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Epidemiologic Case Studies

HHS ) and this is the draft protocol for 1 of the 2 case studies. The other 1 The approach described in the draft document is based on guidance from the Grading of Recommendations Assessment. Public Health Statement for Lead - This Public Health Statement is the summary chapter from the Toxicological Profile for lead.

ToxFAQs™ for Lead - This fact sheet answers the most frequently asked health questions about lead. Policy and practice impacts of applied research: A case study analysis of the New South Wales Health Promotion Demonstration Research Grants Scheme – Health Research Policy & .

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