Myall creek and stolen generation analysis

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Myall creek and stolen generation analysis

More Essay Examples on Culture Rubric In addition, I can found the information about community connections, kinship and role model of Indigenous family so I can have a clearly understanding about the importance of these factors with the Indigenous people.

Myall creek and stolen generation analysis

I also want to create some briefly examples to introduce about the Stolen Generations through the lens of art in my presentation so I start searching on the Internet and found three interesting art examples about this policy. I used all three examples in the start of the presentation with the purpose is to making people have a briefly understanding about the Stolen Generations policy.

In this book, Healey also mentioned about the key findings and the process of the Stolen Generations policy. I decided to use the Stolen Generations definition from this book in my presentation because I think it is an exact and proper one.

Besides, this book also mentioned about many effects of Stolen Generations on Indigenous community and their society in the past and these are all good information for my presentation. Therefore, I decided to divide the effect part in the presentation into two different parts, one will talk about the Stolen Generations affect the Indigenous people and one will talk about its effects on their community.

I also decided to bring a real story into my presentation and I have found an interesting one from the Internet which is about the true story of Mick Dodson. In this true story part, I mentioned about Mick Dodson profile and his successful career at the moment.

I decided to choose his story because he can be a successful Indigenous man from the Stolen Generations time. This is all of my research findings and the work I undertook to create my presentation.

A critical analysis of how well my group work together In my group, there are only two people who are Nick Francis and me.

As McConnell stated in his research that: Therefore, our group always focus and stick on the topic and know exactly what our main goal is. Besides, Nick always involves in the group work and always attends the group meetings on time.

I also ask him to find the effects of the Stolen Generations on Indigenous people at the moment and he did a great job. He also found a small clip from SBS news which is report about the Stolen Generations Testimonies so which was very good.

In the presentation, he also found about the reasons of the Government when they create this policy in the past and a true story of John who was removed from his family in the s. As a result, Nick was able to contribute to his maximum potential which is a great characteristic when we are working together McConnell, A reflective and critical assessment of how successful my final presentation was in getting the message.

The main message from our presentation is to make the audiences have a clearly understanding and sympathizing with the Indigenous people from the Stolen Generations policy.

I also want to link the topic with the reality, based on which I chose to use three examples of Stolen Generations through the lens of art in the start of the presentation to go in detail. Stolen Generations has many effects to the current Indigenous generations is our main topic.

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Besides, I want to show the audiences about the advantages and disadvantages of Stolen Generations policy by placing true stories as the examples. Because of the fact that my audiences mainly are students, tutor and lecturer therefore I need to use appropriate images and language in the presentation.

However, some students did not really concentrate on our presentation at all because I think sometime we used inappropriate images on the slides.

In the future, I need to fix my problems so I can create a better presentation. At the end of the presentation, I think almost audiences can have a good knowledge about the Stolen Generations policy and its effects.

Did my presentation meet the Professional Practice code guidelines I have studied in Assignment 1 Indigenous Art code? The topic of my presentation is mainly focus on the effects of Stolen Generations on Indigenous people in the past and at the moment.

In the past, Indigenous people were looked as a problem with The Australian Government which they had to deal with.

As the result, they forcibly took Aboriginal children from their families Healey,p. As Healeyp. Additionally, this policy strongly affected to the Indigenous families and communities in the past and at the present.

Removed children did not know anything about their families and they were not allowed to speak their own language.

As the consequence, they lost their languages, their cultures, their identities and their human rights. Furthermore, those removed children still having many continued impacts until these days. Another continued impact from the Stolen Generations policy is that when those removed children have their own kids and they do not know how to raise their kids so their kids are very often removed from them.

Therefore, this impact creates a horrible cycle which goes on for Indigenous generations. This is what my topic is about and before designing the PowerPoint; I also have a look at the Indigenous Art Code which helps me to understand more about the Indigenous rights and representation before using their pictures and photos on my slides.

In the Assignment 1, the Professional Practice code guideline is showing how o deal with Indigenous issues and Indigenous workers regarding arts. Therefore, a code of conduct or practice is a guideline which is created to help industries, companies or organizations to recognize how to deal with their customers, and it also helps those customers to know what the business agrees to do when dealing with them.

The purpose of Indigenous Art Code is mainly focus on how to establish standards for dealings between dealers and Indigenous artists Indigenous Art Code, Eliza was an amazing woman who in wrote such a wonderful heart-felt, empathetic poem about the plight of an Aboriginal woman who managed to escape the Myall Creek Massacre with a .

Myall Creek and Stolen Generation Analysis Essay Myall Creek Massacre – The Myall Creek Massacre was one of many of indigenous people but, this particular massacre served as a big step forward in the equal rights between the Aboriginal People and the settlers.

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There were 50 Aboriginal. Stolen Generation - In the Victorian Boar for Protection of Aborigines was established. This meant indigenous and ‘half-caste’ children can be removed from their homes and families and sent to a reformatory or industrial school.

The Myall Creek Massacre Essay. The Myall Creek Massacre was a horrific atrocity, leading to the slaughter of twenty-eight innocent Aboriginal Australians from the Kwiambal tribe, of the Myall Creek district, on the 10th June - The Myall Creek Massacre Essay introduction.

(1). Myall Creek Massacre, murder of 28 Aboriginal Australians by British ranchers in the colony of New South Wales, Australia, in The massacre provoked an outcry against colonial brutality and led to the passage of laws designed to protect Aboriginal people.

Jul 16,  · Stolen Generation - Source Analysis. Stolen Generation Impacts. The Aboriginal Protection Board - How were Aboriginal people affected by the actions of the Aboriginal Protection Board?

In the early 's punitive attacks were common such as the Myall Creek massacre in NSW in and combined with disease resulted in a substantial.

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