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Any combat hat that does not provide protection. Marine Corps and U. Navy Describes a Sailor or Marine who often frequents the brig military jailtypically as a prisoner.

A Soldier with a medical condition that would hinder the Soldier's ability to perform certain tasks; alternatively, equipment that is not operationally ready. Army The 3rd Infantry Division crest, a blue square with three diagonal white stripes. Army Army talk for 'sweep'.

Understanding cerebrospinal fluid

Brown Water Navy U. The fleet of riverine vessels - fast patrol boats, amphibious. Coast Guard cutters and the like - which had been deployed to control the rivers and coasts of Vietnam during the Vietnam Warso noted for the mud-brown color of the water.

Mr bean blind date srt pt br

Today any such riverine naval force. When the Air Force became independent, black shoes replaced the brown shoes worn by the Army at that time. Also refers to U. Navy Things and people related to the naval aviation community. From the time when brown shoes were authorized only for aviation ratings and officers.

US A metaphorical scatological reference describing a panicked reaction. A play on red star cluster; the humorous implication being that the subject's frightened defecation serves as a substitute distress call.

US Alternately, can refer to warning or signalling others that things being said or done are "bullshit". Royal Air Force pilots, who were renowned for wearing brylcreem on their hair "A little dab'll do ya! Navy used during flight operations. In air exercises, it is common to "spike" or lock onto a friendly without engaging.

This causes the targeted aircraft's defense systems to warn of active targeting. Suppose you were fighting in an exercise as blue air with opposing red air trying to shoot you.

If you got notification on your RWR that an aircraft had locked you, you would want to know if it was from red air or just your wingman. This term was used, somewhat incorrectly, in the movie The Incredibles.

Army Referring to a newly promoted Sergeant E Can be used in different contexts, good or demeaning. Buckshee equipment or ammunition is outside the normal accounting system and is often bartered by those who find themselves in possession of it.

The origin and nature of the stores determines whether this is a serious. From World War One, when spare bits of shaving soap where called "buckshees". Big Ugly Fat Fucker. Big Ugly Fat Fellow. Slang for the B 'Stratofortress'. Navy In boot camp, a company group of recruits who are incapable of performing any task correctly, regardless of the rewards or consequences.

Generally the individuals who make up these companies will leave boot camp in top physical shape, because they are always being punished with physical training, also known as "cycling".

The nickname given to the powdered drink served with MRE's on onboard - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more!

Mr bean blind date srt pt br

date of publication, Authority control; Perkins School for the Blind Bound Clippings- World War Blind, ‎ (41 F) Pierrot, dog of Belgium () Media in category " books" The following files are in this category, out of 2, total. (previous page). Dec 30,  · Having green as its color.

The former flag of Libya is fully green. , Winston Churchill, chapter 8, in The Celebrity: The day was cool and snappy for August, and the Rise all green with a lavish nature. Now we plunged into a deep shade with the boughs lacing each other overhead, and crossed dainty, rustic bridges over the cold trout.

FIFA World Cup - Wikipedia References Family physicians are regularly faced with identifying, treating, and counseling patients with skin cancers.

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Multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial assessing the efficacy and safety of proton pump inhibitor lansoprazole in infants with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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