Medieval cathedrals essay

Chronologically, it can be traced from its beginnings in France in the early 12th century to its perpetuation, in some regions, into the 16th century. Geographically, Gothic spread as far as Western Christendom itself.

Medieval cathedrals essay

Medieval cathedrals essay

The Pope was theoretically superior to even monarchs, and kings and queens could be excommunicated if they contravened the wishes of the Pope. An excommunicated person could not receive the sacraments and was therefore thought to be damned to hell.

Consequently, the church held some degree of power over monarchs in the Middle Ages. For example, inthe Church passed the Truce of God, which stated that the days from Thursday to Sunday were holy days on which fighting was disallowed. This edict helped curb the endless bloodshed that had characterized relations between nobles and monarchs, as the cost of fielding an army to fight on only three days a week Monday through Wednesday seemed prohibitively high.

Medieval cathedrals essay

The church was also the center of the most medieval towns. People were expected to attend religious services on Sundays, and they also celebrated holidays and feasts according to the church schedule, as holidays were religious rather than secular in nature.

Cathedrals were also the site of Europe's first universities, so the church was also a center of learning and scholarship. Monasteries and nunneries provided housing for monks and nuns, and many religious figures were involved in acts of charity. The church was also a major landowner in many parts of Europe.

Therefore, the church was integral to the political, economic, and social life of the Middle Ages.Building the Great Cathedrals. How did medieval engineers construct magnificent skyscrapers of glass and stone?

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Guido d'Arezzo wrote The Fundamentals of Music, a very important medieval treatise (essay). In many parts of England, cathedrals face a financial crisis: they are expensive to maintain, often need renovations and are almost entirely self-funded – which means they are under constant pressure to raise more money and attract new visitors.

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Sexuality was a matter of the churches concern that was more often related to the word "Evil". I am going to attempt to prove that the "evils" involved in sexuality such as prostitution, and homosexuality were necessary for the church to.

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