Life of a shoe essay

Lance Armstrong and Nike Nike, Inc. Nike has adapted its advertisement campaigns to reach its eclectic audience by sponsoring globally renowned athletes such as Lance Armstrong.

Life of a shoe essay

A Jamestown settler describes life in Virginia, A Spotlight on a Primary Source by Sebastian Brandt View this item in the collection The first English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia, who arrived inwere eager to find gold and silver.

Life of a shoe essay

Instead they found sickness and disease. Eventually, these colonists learned how to survive in their new environment, and by the middle of the seventeenth century they discovered that their fortunes lay in growing tobacco. This letter from Jamestown colonist Sebastian Brandt to Henry Hovener, a Dutch merchant living in London, provides a snapshot of the colony in flux.

He mentions that, due to his own illness, he "was not able to travell up and downe the hills and dales of these countries but doo nowe intend every daye to walke up and downe the hills for good Mineralls here is both golde silver and copper. We know little about Brandt. He does not appear in any known existing official records, and historians presume he died not long after writing this letter.

The glimpse he offers into early Jamestown serves as a tantalizing example of the challenges and thrills of studying colonial American history.

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A full transcript is available. Pontes in James Towne here in Virginia And whatsoever this all costes I will not onely wth my moste humble service but allso wth some good Tobacco Bevor and Otterskins and other commodities here to be had recompence the Company for the same And yf you could send for my brother Phillipps Sonne in Darbesheere to come hether itt [were] a great commoditie ffor me or suche another used in minerall workes And thus I comitt you to the Almighty.

Virginia 13 January Questions for Discussion Read the document introduction and transcript and apply your knowledge of American history in order to answer these questions.

Carefully view the printable image of the document. Describe the skills an archivist needs to transform an original document into a format we can understand. How does this matter-of-fact statement help us understand conditions faced by settlers in Virginia in the early s? What conclusions can you draw about Brandt knowing that he continued to search for precious metals after most Jamestown settlers were involved in agriculture?

Make a list of what you think you would need to survive a year in Jamestown. Compare it with the shopping list Brandt sent to the merchant in London.It has been suggested that this "still life of old peasants' shoes" may have been those of Patience Escalier, whose portrait Van Gogh executed around the same time, late summer Audio.

Play or pause # Essays in Memory of Kurt Goldstein. Ed.

Marianne L. Simmel. New York, , p. [revised in Ref. Schapiro ]. Nike, Inc. has traditionally been a brand suited for competitive athletes, with its origins rooted in selling athletic shoes, but eventually expanded to sell clothing and gear to athletes and non-athletes alike.

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Writing from the perspective of a shoe will help you think about the world view of something else other than yourself.

Unless, of course, you are a shoe. So, if you are a shoe, please forgive me for assuming you are not a writer.

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