Kaplan university ps300 unit 4 project

I hear a lot of anxiety from partner institutions about what the future holds. What will be the next innovation? How disruptive will it be?

Kaplan university ps300 unit 4 project

Research Ruaha Carnivore Project Today, conservation scientists face the daunting challenge of maintaining biodiversity in an increasingly human-dominated landscape.

Although protected areas can provide vital refugia, reserves large enough to conserve viable populations of large carnivores are few and far between, so maintaining wild cats and other large carnivores across much of their remaining range hinges upon their successful conservation across a mosaic of different land use types and degrees of human pressure.

One important form of human pressure is conflict between people and predators, which is particularly complex as it involves ecological, anthropological and economic drivers.

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Furthermore, the area has the highest documented rate of lion killing in modern times, with nearly 40 lions killed in just 18 months in the core study area, due to intense conflict with local villagers living close to Ruaha National Park.

Our research found that this conflict was driven by carnivore attacks on stock, people recognising very few benefits from carnivore presence, and a lack of awareness of the potential value of the National Park, carnivores or conservation.

RCP was established in and has three main goals: Over the past six years, we have built a strong local team and have made significant progress towards all three goals. Through camera-trapping and direct sightings, we have provided the first reliable data to authorities on carnivore distribution and ecology in the Ruaha landscape, leading to several peer-reviewed publications.

This project should help inform conservation strategies for large carnivores across a mosaic of land uses, and help develop techniques to ease conflicts between people and predators where they share land.

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Kaplan university ps300 unit 4 project

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Kaplan university ps300 unit 4 project
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