Fireworks should be banned

Leaves should also NOT be blown in the street as the street gutters drain directly into the lake.

Fireworks should be banned

This article explains all! Category F2, F3 and F4 Firework Classifications Category F2 and Category F3 fireworks are those available from your fireworks retailer and which are on sale to the general public.

Indiscriminate use of fireworks should, quite rightly, be banned. They should be allowed only on the day designated each year as Guy Fawkes Night and for special celebratory occasions, such as royal jubilees. Fireworks, in the wrong hands, are dangerous and each year hundreds of children and adults are injured. I believe they should have a ban of some kind. With the amount of dry grass throughout our neighborhoods, it’s not worth the risk for a small bit of enjoyment. We have plenty of organized firework displays around the area and small fireworks pale in comparison to . Contents. Introduction; Reactions and Heat; Black Powder; Fulminate; High Explosives; Smokeless Powder; Aromatic Explosives; Pyrotechnics; Fireworks; Safety; References.

A consumer firework will fall into one of these two categories depending on how much of a safety distance it requires. The safety distance is influenced by various factors including how much total explosive powder there is in the firework.

Category F3 items require the greatest distance which is 25 metres. All fireworks on sale to the public have to be extensively tested and classified as either Category F2 or F3. These classifications also impose a noise limit and ensure the firework has a safety fuse and clear instructions on the label.

Category F4 fireworks are for professional use only. These can include aerial shells and other items banned for sale to the public. Many category F4 fireworks are supplied without a fuse and are extremely dangerous to the untrained.

Fireworks should be banned

In case you are wondering, Category F1 refers to fireworks which pose a minimal hazard and this classification is usually given to indoor fireworks. However, it is now illegal for a fireworks retailer to sell fireworks that are classified to the older BS system as it has now been completely phased out after a wind-down period of several years.

Under BS, fireworks were classified as either Garden Fireworks with a 5m safety distance, or Display Fireworks with a 25m safety distance.

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There was no middle ground here, all fireworks were either 5m or 25m. Whilst it is a matter of opinion, it is generally accepted that CE fireworks offer better performance at their respective viewing distances and the return to more powerful fireworks that successive BS iterations had watered down.


That said, we should point out that although CE is an EU-wide classification, the UK government has still insisted that various fireworks that our European friends enjoy are still banned in the UK. That includes aerial shells, bangers, screech rockets and air bombs.

For the purposes of transport and packaging, all fireworks are given a UN classification number, depending on their potential hazard.

For consumer fireworks this will be 1. If you are buying fireworks from a non-specialist such a supermarket on or immediately before Guy Fawkes then hazard type and UN classification would not have any relevance.

This is the case for example if you are buying selection boxes, sparklers and so on. Or, if you are buying fireworks and letting them off within a couple of days. However if you are buying a lot of fireworks and intend keeping them at home, or if you are keeping fireworks at home for a long time, these classifications do have some importance.

Fireworks classed as 1.

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Within the trade, firework companies are strictly limited to how many fireworks they can store in one place and the amount is determined by their classification under the Explosive Regulations the current fireworks regulations which replaced MSER which grade fireworks as Hazard Type 4 or Hazard Type 3.

In most cases it is safe to assume that 1. Less HT3 fireworks can be stored than HT4 fireworks in a given store or shop. The classification of 1. For the public, laws exist which state how many fireworks you can keep at home and how long for without requiring registration or a licence.A Philadelphia man was blinded in one eye after a firework exploded in his face.

Read these fireworks safety tips to avoid disaster. Smacking children should be banned in the rest of the UK too Especially as it no longer lasts just one evening but fireworks can generally be heard from now until January. While dangerous if in the wrong hands, fireworks are still safer than many other things we all use in our daily lives and, therefore, should not be banned - Fireworks should not be banned introduction.

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