Dominican republic holidays

The Dominican Republic has gorgeous mountains, sandy deserts and sun-swept beaches to thrill you on your Caribbean adventure. If you are looking for something exotic for your or holiday, the Dominican Republic is the place to go.

Dominican republic holidays

Dominican republic holidays

Pre-primary school[ edit ] The pre-primary stage of education in the Dominican Republic includes children under 6 years of age. There are three cycles of the pre-primary stage. The first cycle is for children ages 0—2 years old, the second cycle is for children 2—4 years old, and the third cycle is for children 4—6 years old.

The Dominican Republic provides the last year of pre-primary education for families and this year is considered compulsory. The earlier years are not paid for by the Dominican Republic and are thus not compulsory.

Primary education is compulsory and universal in the Dominican Republic.

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This is split up into two different cycles. The first cycle is grades for children 6—10 years old and the second cycle is grades ad is for children 10—14 years old. Each grade level encompasses 10 months of teaching.

There are four years of schooling required to complete secondary school and it is for children age The four years are split up into two cycles lasting two years each. The first cycle encompasses general and compulsory education.

Dominican republic holidays

The second cycle has much more flexible curriculum and allows students to focus on either vocational and technical education or on the arts. The vocational and technical track prepares students for entry into certain professions and activities.

This track focuses on teaching students about industry, agriculture, and other services. The arts education track focuses on developing the creativity of the students. Students can specialize into music, visual arts, performing arts, and applied arts. To graduate from secondary school, students must obtain a passing grade on national exams, their classes, and participate in a community service program.

There are 5 total public institutions: Beyond the public institutions, there are also 39 private institutions.

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Within these institutions, there are several tracks that students are able to take. Students can pursue Technical Studies which requires 2 years of schooling with a minimum of 85 credits. Graduate Studies requires a minimum of credits.

For students wishing to pursue a specialty in Graduate Studies, there is often an increased credit requirement. For architecture, veterinary, law, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering, the requirement is credits and at least four years of schooling.Holidays in Dominican Republic. The wild, natural beauty of the Dominican Republic is everything you want in a tropical Caribbean island.

Lines of palm trees lean over stretches of sand, reaching back to where the coast becomes jungle. Save with our incredible discounts at family resorts in Dominican Republic.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the eastern, Spanish speaking portion of Hispaniola. From the water, the landscape is classic Caribbean paradise; clear waters, white sand, palm trees. Browse our selection of handpicked Dominican Republic holidays.

Build a bespoke holiday or speak to one of our Travel Experts today.

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