Doing business report 2013 brickyard

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Doing business report 2013 brickyard

The Hoosier Race Report: Saving the Best for Last The 37th Annual Four Crown Nationals at the Eldora Speedway Saturday night was typically wild and wooly with its share of wrecks, highs, lows and fierce action on the storied half mile high banks.

It was somehow fitting that the night ended with a superb side-by-side effort, with C. Leary and Kevin Thomas Jr. My trusty phone teamed up with the trusty radar told me that western Ohio was dry and likely to stay that way. The track in the early stages was wet and fast before the pounding of cars and the usual small army of push trucks turned it into a high-speed skating rink later.

My Eldora high point is invariably assuming my position between turns one and two for hot laps. There have been occasions when this is the highlight of the night, but that would be far from true tonight.

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I caught a few observations of guys and Holly Shelton negotiating the turns, sometimes hands were sawing back and forth on the steering wheel; other times hands seemed to hardly move.

Wandering the pits, I noticed sprint ace Dickie Gaines idle by after his hot lap session. I noticed this even more so because I was standing less than ten feet from Jack Hewitt.

It was hard for me to not think of the last time Dickie and Jack met. Neither noticed that the other was nearby. Maybe the main thing was that Jack and Dickie, like most of us, have moved on.

But what stories both could tell. I also noticed that extraordinary people were willingly, even eagerly, climbing into these extremely fast contraptions. I always notice this, but given the tragic accident a few days ago, it was something to be noted.

The fastest of these cars were circling Eldora in 13 seconds, an insane concept perhaps, but none of these guys flinched at the situation.

They were and are masters of compartmentalization, the ability to put aside whatever thoughts they have had about the accidents that have taken away Jason Johnson and Greg Hodnett.

How many of us could do that? In the second heat, Kevin Thomas Jr. Dave Darland was second with Chris Windom making a last lap pass on pole sitter Nick Bilbee to grab third.

Leary swept around the top from sixth to take the lead coming out of turn two. Of those left behind, Robert Ballou was second with Dakota Jackson third.

Aric Gentry made a late pass on Corey Smith to claim a spot in the feature. One might think that Chase Stockon would roar to victory from sixth place in the fourth heat, but the Ft.Check Out These Other Pages At Hoseheads. Hoseheads Sprint Car News.

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doing business report 2013 brickyard

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