College shootings essay

They were invited to Oakland by Father Michael King, pastor of Saint Mary's Church to establish a school for girls and to provide means to train future teachers. The original site of the convent was on the shores of Lake Merritt. By the convent began to offer classes at a post-secondary level and was renamed the College of the Holy Names.

College shootings essay

Apr 24, at Jeffrey Reinking, the father of accused Waffle House mass shooter Travis Reinking, is a crane company owner from Illinois who gave firearms back to his son after Travis Reinking was arrested near the White House, authorities allege.

Troubling incidents involving Travis Reinking before the mass shooting include one in which he falsely believed the singer Taylor Swift was harassing him by hacking his phone and another in which he jumped into a public pool in a pink house dress, reports, which you can read later in this article, show.

Travis Reinkingwho is originally from Illinois, is suspectedd in the mass shooting at an Antioch, Tennessee, Waffle House, which unfolded in the early morning hours of April 22, Reinking was disarmed by a heroic customer, James Shaw Jr.

The AR used in the mass shooting was legally purchased. Reinking fled on foot after the shooting and was at large for more than 24 hours.


He was captured Monday afternoon. The deceased were identified as Joe R. Perez, 20, of Nashville; Taurean C. Travis Reinking fled the restaurant after the mass shooting and is at large, authorities say.

College shootings essay

The allegation that Jeff Reinking returned weapons to his now year-old son after an incident near the White House emerged in a news conference held several hours after the mass shooting. He told Secret Service twice he wanted to talk to President Trump.

Arrest me if you have to. Jeffrey was advised that he needed to keep the weapons secure and away from Travis. Jeffrey stated he would comply…no further action is being taken. Four firearms were also removed from him.

His father was present at the time and possessed a valid FOID card. As the father had the legal right to possess the weapons, he was allowed to take possession of the firearms. The father agreed to keep the weapons secure and out of the possession of Travis. We have no information concerning how Travis Reinking obtained possession of the weapons subsequent to them being taken from him.

Unclear what agency they are with. He has 52 friends on Facebook, and no public posts. Her social media presence is more robust. Tazewell County deputies are outside of crane business owned by family of suspect in WaffleHouseShooting.

Police said Travis was recently fired from crane job in Nashville area. Since then, we have provided crane services for many types of jobs.

From house trusses to rail cars, rooftops to grain elevators, industrial plant maintenance to wind generation parts… you name it, we most likely have done something like it before. Travis also possesses several firearms. He was taken for evaluation. In another report in Junelabeled as criminal trespass in Tremont, Ill.

The employee stated he had a yelling match with Travis, and that Travis lived in an apartment at the crane company.In , Napoleon, bent on conquering the world, brought Spain’s king, Charles IV, into alliance with him in order to conquer Portugal.

Napoleon’s troops poured into Spain, supposedly just passing through.

College shootings essay

But Napoleon’s real intentions soon became clear: the alliance was a trick. The French. But with large-scale, random shootings, we seem to be producing killers of ambition with, in some cases, a competitive instinct.

When the Virginia Tech shooting took place in April , it was the most lethal in American history, with 32 casualties. This Article Includes. Finding a Good Topic. Deciding on the Best Solution. How to Write an Excellent Essay. Effective Writing Tips for Problem Solution Essays.

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Apr 20,  · School Shootings Essay. Ways to Prevent School Shootings. On April 16, , in the town of Blacksburg Virginia, a college student who attended Virginia Tech, opened gunfire to his fellow classmates.

This shooting has been considered to be the biggest massacre in all of American history. There.

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