Cinematography and true grit

March 19, 0 0 0 0 True Grit is an American masterpiece. The success of the film by Joel and Ethan Coen has surprised pundits and led, yet again, to predictions of the return of the Western.

Cinematography and true grit

I'd been kicked out of three or four universities in the Midwest, and I ended up in China. Then I came back and started working in sawmills, out in the woods, surveying. I was in L. I went over to see her, and I would be on the lot while they were shooting; someone asked me to give him a hand, and I started helping out some of the cameramen, loading cameras onto trucks and things.

Pretty soon they asked me to work there. The Cinematographer's Art', Also active as film editor. The film 'Berlin Express' [] was shot in Europe. Ballard stayed there for 2 years and didn't ph any films: Because of facial scars sustained by Oberon in a London car crash inBallard designed a compact spotlight that he coined the 'Obie' [Oberon's nickname].

Mounted on the side of the camera, the device lights the subject head on, thus reducing the incidence of unflattering facial lines and shadows. Was a member of the ASC. Lucien Ballard has to be ranked among the greatest of Hollywood cinematographers.

He began his career at Paramount as editor and assistant to the great cameraman Lee Garmes on Josef von Sternberg's 'Morocco', starring Marlene Dietrich. Ballard then entered the next phase of his training when he struggled to make all forms of genre films a bit distinguished.

The late s saw his credits accumulate, even through work on many a two-reeler including the comedies of The Three Stooges and Charlie Chase.

Downloading prezi... She heads to town to hire the meanest, orneriest lawman west of the east, Rooster Cogburn, to hunt down Tom Chaney so she can plant him six feet under. No sex or nudity in this one.

His principal employer, Columbia Pictures, may have been on Poverty Row, but it afforded Ballard the perfect place to learn to shoot Hollywood films quickly and efficiently. World War II, with many talented cameramen off working for the military, provided him with a chance to move up to top Hollywood productions.

He jumped from Columbia to Twentieth Century-Fox, a top studio. In the mids he became a bit of a celebrity as the husband of Merle Oberon and the cameraman who struggled with Howard Hughes to create the idiosyncratic Western, 'The Outlaw'.

But then his career stuck and he returned to shooting lower-budget fare. In his career took a turn for the better and he began to achieve fame as an exceptional cameraman with work for director Sam Peckinpah.

Their 'Ride the High Country' stands as one of the most beautiful of Westerns. This final phase of Ballard's career was underlined with greatness for the clean, elegant visual style he brought to the Western just, ironically, as that form was passing from the movie screen.

Lucien Ballard, a cinematographer whose sensuous images contributed to the heyday of the black-and-white film as well as the era of the three-dimensional color spectacular, died Saturday at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

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He was 84 years old and had been injured in an auto accident. In a career that spanned nearly 50 years, Mr. Ballard's credits included two-reel comedies featuring the Three Stooges as well as 3-D efforts like 'Inferno', he was best known for work on such feature films as 'Crime and Punishment', 'Band of Angels', 'The Wild Bunch' and 'True Grit'.


He received an Academy Award nomination in for his cinematography in 'The Caretakers'. In 'The Wild Bunch', the camera work is hard and bleak and largely unsentimental.

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The images of 'True Grit' are as romantic and autumnal as its landscapes, which, in the course of the story, turn with the season from the colors of autumn to the white of winter./Film reader Oscar sent me a link to a nice little featurette titled “The Cinematography of True Grit” which focuses on the work of 9-time Oscar nominated cinematographer Roger Cinematography - Danny Cohen Actor in a Supporting Role - Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech" Actress in a Supporting Role - Helena Bonham Carter in "The King's Speech".

True Grit's DTS-HD MA lossless soundtrack is the perfect compliment to the wondrous video track is well-balanced and handles everything form the lightest background Author: Martin Liebman.

Page 1 of 3 - True Grit - posted in On Screen: I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of True Grit last night. It's a great film, with some of Roger Deakin's best photography to date.

A beautiful opening shot, a beautiful closing shot and everything in between. The photography is reminiscent of both No Country & Jesse James at times. True Grit was a surprise box-office hit and a best-picture nominee, but it was hard to compete with the visual trickery of the best cinematography winner: Wally Pfister, for Inception.

Cinematography and true grit

From. True Grit ( film)'s wiki: True Grit is a American Revisionist Western film directed, written, produced and edited by the Coen brothers and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. It is the second adaptation of Charles Portis' novel of the same name, w.

Cinematography and true grit
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