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To be included in the ranking, each major had to:

Best online degree

With the right online degree, graduates can do much better than just getting a job; they can earn the credentials to get high-income, respected professional careers that will not just pay the bills, but provide a lifelong source of job security, satisfaction, and esteem.

Obviously, a degree from a fly-by-night diploma mill will not get you far at all, while an online degree from an accredited, well-known college or university will carry just as much weight on the job market as a traditional degree.

Value Colleges has put together their ranking of the best careers you can get with an online degree.

The Best Accredited Online Colleges and Universities

Our ranking was drawn from statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statisticsas well as these two rankings: In many cases, you can begin a career at the entry level and earn a higher credential via convenient, flexible online degree programs while you are working and gaining experience in the field.

That job goes to the Nurse Anesthetist, and the person trusted with that job needs to be well prepared. Nurse Anesthetists are advanced practice nurses who provide pain management and, of course, anesthesia before and after surgery, obstetric procedures, and diagnostic tests.

Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist requires an advanced degree, usually a 4 year nursing degree and an MSN degree. However, all of that work is well worth it: Also referred to as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses APRNNurse Practitioners have taken on an ever-increasing role in the American health care system, as shortages of both doctors and nurses have stretched clinics and primary care facilities thin.

NPs organize patient healthcare, attending to both primary and specialty care: To become a Nurse Practitioner, you must earn an MSN degree; no lower degree qualifies nurses for the position.

ORAs may have to spend some time on-site, making inspections to determine what kinds of problems are plaguing their employer, but most of their time will be spent at a computer running mathematical models, analyzing statistics, or data mining. And all it takes is a strong online degree.

The Software Developer is the creative leader and manager who unifies the vision and determines the overall structure of a software project.

The job varies depending on the nature of the project — a very large project for a major company may have a number of developers, all with a different goal, leading a whole team or teams of programmers, while on a smaller job, the developer may also be writing code and testing beta software.

Developers may also perform maintenance and collaborate with other specialists. To meet the demand, online degree programs are popping up like mushrooms. The IT Manager hires and organizes systems analysts, developers, security people, and other specialists who make sure computer operations run smoothly.

And while much computing work is being outsourced, an IT Manager has a lot more job security than a programmer or analyst, since their direct input and oversight is needed.

That would be the job of the Computer Systems Analyst. The CSA examines computer networks, runs diagnostics tests, studies usage and procedures, finds weaknesses, and otherwise works to make sure that computer networks are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The laboratories we see in news stories may look like sci-fi wonderlands, but all of the equipment, computer software, and procedures have to be designed by someone.

That someone is the Biomedical Engineer, a job that uses the practical problem-solving of engineering to create the tools that make medical testing possible. After all, someone has to make all that magic happen.

As many a mathematician will tell you, it all comes down to numbers. Data means nothing without someone to analyze and make sense of it, and those who can explain data in such a way as to make it practically useful in the real world are highly in demand — whether that means helping a business better appeal to its demographics, helping the government get aid funding to the people who really need it, or playing moneyball in the big leagues.

And as the healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds, particularly as the largest American generation in history, the Baby Boomers, reach their retirement years, we can be certain that the need for nurses will continue.

Registered Nurses do the grunt work of healthcare, directly caring for patients, explaining treatment, and providing support in every kind of healthcare facility, from nursing homes to military hospitals.

Often nursing education prepares nurses specifically for these exams, and many programs will prominently advertise their high passing rates. They are not the lofty, theoretical engineers, or the big-picture civil engineers, but the ones who figure out the details of how to make things happen, then get the job done.

This is the largest and broadest group of engineers, and they do everything from designing mechanical apparatuses to making more effective tools.

Never before have people needed financial advice so badly, and never before has the Financial Advisor been in such demand.

Best online degree

That growth is due to a number of factors, the biggest being that the Baby Boom population is aging at one end, while the second baby boom, Millennials, are coming of age and beginning jobs, families, and businesses.Here are some of the top online degree programs in the rankings.

Bachelor's: Ohio State University—Columbus earned the top spot among online colleges, a jump from a tie at No.

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8 last year. Advance your career with a British degree.

Best online degree

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Best Online Colleges: Ranking Top Universities for Best Online Colleges: Ranking Top Universities for RankSchool Name#ONLINE PROGRAMS1Fort Hays State University41The Virtual College offers more than 40 degrees completel 2Siena Heights University62The university has offered distance learning options sinc 13University of Idaho23Because earning a college education is a time consuming u 31Indiana State University44Indiana State University offers 18 undergraduate degree p 46 more rows, 6 more columns.

Online Bachelor’s Programs Pursuing a bachelor’s degree online is a great option for students who are returning to college but are uninterested in more traditional campus life. U.S. News Ranks Best Online Programs Some online degree programs rose significantly in this year's rankings while others dropped.

To determine the best online degrees for , we analyzed online degree programs to find those that offer an optimal combination of accessible education, strong job prospects and earning potential.

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